Shauna Cummins

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." Carl Jung

The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis

The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis intro training is an introduction of the history, myths, science and ethical issues related to the practice of hypnosis. It offers a unique perspective of Hypnosis as both an ancient healing modality and a progressive practical tool for personal development and change.

Let this comprehensive Hypnosis Certification Course be the first step you take towards practicing hypnosis, trance and deep change work for personal and professional development. You'll discover the core methodologies, history, principles, and practices of therapeutic hypnosis so that you develop a grounded understanding of foundational hypnosis and counseling skills as well as the ability to apply these skills in a healing client-practitioner relationship.

You'll learn how to use hypnosis to help other people achieve their full potential while furthering your own personal (and professional) development at the same time.

Upon completion of this Hypnosis Training Program, you will receive certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest hypnosis organization in the world, which qualifies you a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner.

Throughout this course, you will discover how to:

  • Lead people in and out of hypnotic-trance like states

  • Master the art of Eriksonian conversational hypnosis. Develop a strong, influential, intuitive and helping presence as a practitioner.

  • Inspire change of undesired behaviors in yourself and other people

  • Increase your sensory acuity, (un)conscious awareness and intuitive healing ability.

  • You will become practiced at empathic listening, reading body language and mirroring

  • You will learn functional tools to collaborate with your mind and better influence yourself and others in a positive way.

By the end of the training, you will feel more comfortable and confident holding space for healing, helping and facilitating change work for yourself and others.

The Four immersive weekend modules will cover foundational techniques of Narrative Medicine, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Regression Therapy, Energy Psychology and Intuitive Counseling.

What are the requirements?

You will need to have had experience with hypnosis as a client and at least 1 session with Shauna (a discount will be offered and the if you decide to take the course I'll put the cost of the session towards the course fee) Proof of a four year college degree, preferably in counseling, psychology, social work, education, communication, literature or film. Other courses of study coupled with social service, healing work or commensurate life experience and strong personal intent to help others may be considered. In addition to a mandatory interview (in person or on Skype) as well as an essay and application process to be considered. There is a maximum of 10 places in the course. 120 minimum in class hours plus 40 recorded independent study.

What am I going to get from this course?

This Hypnotherapy Certification Program offers a personal journey of transformation and discovery. Throughout this training, you explore your values, beliefs and personality traits. Plus you discover a variety of skills and techniques to help you build the motivation, confidence, and expertise to achieve your long term goals. In addition, you learn a variety of tools to help you overcome any limiting blocks, beliefs and thoughts.

Overcome negative feelings, destructive thought patterns and bad habits. Transform the way you think, feel, and behave to achieve your mail life goals. Sharpen your senses, develop your intuition, and increase your self-awareness. Start running your mind effectively to gain more control over how you think, feel and behave. Apply the skills discussed throughout this course with confidence, on yourself and even on other people. Skillfully use hypnosis without scripts. With your new in-depth knowledge of psychology, you'll know the exact approach and techniques to use with your clients. No need to find a script that fits the client's problem because you'll be able to use hypnosis to treat each client as an individual. Speak conversational hypnosis and know how to apply hypnosis to a broad range of psychological and emotional problems. Be confident with the most unsuggestable (or resistant) clients by gaining a deep understanding of the psychology of persuasion and hypnotic skills. Gain a reputation as a language artist who can perform effective therapy at a dinner party just as easily as in the therapy room.


Students will learn the basic way to induce hypnosis and how to utilise trance to make fast and generative changes in themselves and their clients. Through a blend of Ericksonian, Integrative and classical hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Practical Neuroscience, students will gain an updated yet thorough experience of learning hypnosis. There is a strong focus on teaching clients to ‘update their operating system’ or stuck/ habituated patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour by using their imagination as a healing tool to create new pathways of association changing early conditioning and creating a more collaborative relationship with their mind, body and behaviours.

The training is very experiential and you will practice the techniques so they become the foundation for an intuitive and creative hypnotic practice.

This course is informed by the tradition and philosophy of The Divine Feminine and is open to everyone (including non-female identifying persons.)