Shauna Cummins


"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." Carl Jung 




Shauna is a gifted hypnotherapist. For over a year, I struggled with anxiety, frustration and sadness following a significant life event. I did not have the time to commit to the more traditional therapies, so I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. Hypnotherapy was something I had heard about but never tried. After meeting Shauna for the first time, I knew I had made the right decision. She was acutely intuitive, non judgmental, professional, kind, and genuine. Through her hypnotherapy and guidance, she was able to offer me techniques and tools to use in my daily life to alter my negative thought patterns, so that I can begin to live life more fully. By my fourth session, I was shocked to find myself happier than I had been in a while. I highly recommend Shauna for anyone experiencing hurdles in their lives and needing someone to help to overcome them. You will not be disappointed.
— Brit Y. Speech Therapist
I’ve been procrastinating writing a review for Shauna for over a year, because she has had such a profound impact on my life and how I view everything - it’s hard to put into words. I keep coming back to one statement, though: Hypnotherapy with Shauna has changed my life, improving it in ways I never thought possible.

I have had very beneficial experiences with traditional talk therapy, although I was resigned to coping with certain insecurities and doubts - things I thought were not changeable. Working with Shauna has opened my mind and helped me reach an understanding that we all have limitless potential and resources within ourselves. Her therapy has helped me through the loss of pets, extended family and was integral to helping me deal with the loss of my mother, as well as the aftermath of years spent watching my mother’s deterioration from Alzheimer’s Disease.

I usually tell people about my experience with Shauna by starting with “It’s not magic, but it kind of feels magical.” I believe working with her has given me a clarity about what is important to me, and an acceptance of myself, and everyone and everything in my life, that I have never had before.

I can also add that my out-of-state family and friends, who I see infrequently, have commented that I seem happier; more positive than they’ve seen me in years when we are together. I recommend Shauna to friends and family all the time, and have zero hesitation saying everyone should try hypnotherapy with her.
— Alison W. Designer
Shauna has been a wonder! I was skeptical at first but really fed up with several of my lousy habits. A friend of mine quit smoking by hypnosis and suggested I do it to purge myself of a toxic relationship and overall anxiety.
Shauna has helped me work through this and focus on the bigger picture that creates self sabotaging behavior. I’m nearly done with some of my worst habits that I spent several years trying to end with traditional therapy, but to no avail. I’m not entirely sure why it works, but it does. She is kind and empathic and the process has been transformative. Even when I am triggered now, it passes quickly. I encourage you to try hypnotherapy. It’s a game changer.
— Katya M. Producer

I was struggling with anxiety/depression for over a year before I met Shauna. After a major life change, my life felt out of control and hopeless. Being in the healthcare field I knew about the effectiveness of hypnosis and thought I should give it a try. Shauna was warm, welcoming and insightful. Immediately after the first session i felt a calm I hadn’t in over a year. Four sessions later, I feel hope, excitement and motivation. For anyone whose been depressed they know how transformative hope can be.

I feel increasingly grateful and generally happier every day now. I have more clarity in my life and am amazed at how much more relaxed I am in situations that would have made me anxious in the past. Sometimes I find myself waiting for the anxiety to kick in but it just doesn’t! I highly, highly recommend Shauna to anyone who is interested in hypnosis.
— S. M. Psychiatrist

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